1) premier adj.首位的,首要的 He was an architect of premier rank.
2) mortal adj.必死的,致命的 A man is designed to be mortal. He grows, he ages, and he dies.
3) zigzag v.曲折地前進;之字形前進 The road zigzagged through the mountains.
4) acupuncture n.針灸,針刺法,針療法 All those who received the true acupuncture experienced pain relief.
5) sullen adj.鬱怒的,鬱鬱不樂的 Many of them remained sullen and resentful.
6) zoology n.動物學 He studied zoology at university and is an ecologist by profession.
7) transpose v.調換,顛倒順序 The director transposes the action from the 16th Century France to post-Civil War America.
8) yacht n.遊艇,快艇 His 36-foot yacht sank suddenly last summer.
9) ambassador n.大使,特使 The ambassador appealed for a change in US policy.
10) summon v.召喚,傳喚 The President took the unprecedented step of summoning all the state governors to a conference on education.
11) wrap v.包裝,卷,覆蓋 The assistant wrapped it up for her as quickly as possible.
12) whip v.鞭打,抽打 He whipped the horse to make it run faster.
13) epoch n.時代,紀元,重要時期 The birth of Christ was the beginning of an epoch of world history.
14) apprentice n.徒弟,學徒,徒工 He left school at 15 and trained as an apprentice carpenter.
15) influenza n.流行性感冒 The event has been cancelled this spring due to the outbreak of influenza.
16) whereby adv.藉此,凴這個 The system whereby Britons choose their family doctors and the government pays those doctors, has been reasonably successful.
17) elevate v擡起,升高,提高,提升 He was elevated to do the rank of major due to his wise command in the battle.


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