1) sinful adj.有过错的,邪恶的 That was a sinful world.
2) theological adj.神学的 He liked to study theological books.
3) adore v.钟爱,很喜欢 She adores going to the volleyball match.
4) rotate v.(使)旋转,转动 The earth rotates round the sun.
5) flatten v.(使)变平,(把)拉平 The boxer was flattened with one punch.
6) proficient adj.熟练的,精通的 He was proficient in Chinese.
7) distraction n.娱乐,分心,分心的事物 There are too many distractions in the hotel for me to work properly.
8) sneak v.潜行,溜走 The man sneaked about the place watching for a chance to steal something.
9) vicinity n.附近,邻近 He lived in the vicinity of the school.
10) fluff v.抖松,拍松 The bird fluffed out its feathers in the sun.
11) compassion n.同情,怜悯 Her heart was filled with compassion for the motherless children.
12) conceal v.隐藏 He concealed the sweets in his pocket.
13) monopoly n.垄断,独占 A university education shouldn’t be the monopoly of the minority whose parents are rich.
14) dictatorship n.独裁,专政 Every country in the region was a military dictatorship.
15) amplify v.放大,增强 The music was amplified with microphones.
16) target n.目标,靶子 The hunter’s target was a wild animal.
17) lobby v.(向议会或官员)游说 They lobbied the bill through Congress.
18) perch v.(鸟)栖息,位于高处 Birds perched on the branch.
19) voluntary adj.自愿的,自发的 She is a voluntary worker at the hospital.
20) grand adj.壮大的,堂皇的 We had a grand view of a sea of clouds when we climbed to the top of the mountain.
21) briefing n.简报 Before the meeting, the general secretary gave the representatives a briefing.
22) heartfelt adj.衷心的,至诚的 She gave him her heartfelt thanks.
23) fortitude n.坚韧,刚毅 He bore the pain with great fortitude.
24) premium n.保险费,额外费用 He paid premiums on his life insurance last year.
25) antic adj.奇特的,滑稽的 The monkey made some antic movements.
26) greeting n.问候,致敬 He offered greetings to me.
27) rejoice v.欣喜,高兴 I rejoice to hear your success.


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