1) layout n.设计,布局 He tried to recall the layout of the farmhouse.
2) rosy adj.令人鼓舞的,极有希望的 He has a rosy future.
3) massacre v.大屠杀 They cruelly massacred all the people in the village.
4) visionary adj.不切实际的,空想的 It was a visionary scheme for getting rich.
5) junk n.无用的或无价值的东西 The room is full of junk.
6) conceptual adj.抽象的,观念的 It was a conceptual discussion that antedated development of the new product.
7) recede v.后退,退去 The flood waters finally receded.
8) bruise v.碰伤(身体、水果、植物等)She bruised her knee.
9) synthetic adj.人造的,合成的 This synthetic dress material does not crush..
10) villain n.罪犯,恶徒 Some villains robbed the window of the savings.
11) lubricate v.使润滑,给…上油 He lubricated the gears of a car.
12) foe n.敌人 He was a foe of tax reform.
13) patriotic adj.爱国的,有爱国热忱的 He was a patriotic oversea Chinese.
14) crawl v.爬行,徐徐前进 The hours crawled by.
15) lumber v.缓慢而笨拙地移动 A team of bulldozers lumbered up the steep incline.
16) bleach v.漂白,脱色 Did you bleach this tablecloth?
17) hitherto adv.迄今,至此时 The weather, which had hitherto been sunny and mild, suddenly turned cold.
18) compile v.编纂,汇编 The professor compiled an encyclopaedia.
19) handicapped adj.智力低下的,有生理缺陷的 Though handicapped by poor health, he persisted in working at the research project.


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