1) Disposable adj.一次性的,不回收的 Every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire.
2) Offspring n.子孫,後代 She was often anxious about her offspring.
3) Swerve v.轉彎,突然轉向 The car swerved to avoid the dog.
4) Invariable adj.恆定的,始終如一的 It was his invariable custom to have one whisky before his supper.
5) Furnish v.供應,提供 The story of Orpheus has furnished Pope with an illustration.
6) Craze n.時尚,狂熱 Walking is the latest fitness craze.
7) Attain v.獲得,實現 Leo Ioacoco attained the position of President of the Ford Motors.
8) Mob n.暴徒,暴民 An angry mob gathered outside the municipal building.
9) Torture v.折磨,痛苦 He was in the torture of waiting in suspense.
10) Relevant adj.有關的,切題的 It was not relevant to the present question.
11) Taboo n.禁忌,忌諱 Alcohol is (a) taboo in this tribe.
12) Cunning adj.狡猾的,奸詐的 This woman has a particularly cunning means of getting herself promoted to a higher position.
13) Hustle v.催促,趕緊做 Mother hustled the children off to school lest they should be late.
14) Soothe v.使平靜,安慰 This will help to soothe your sunburn.
15) Vulgar adj.庸俗的,低級的 The film was tasteless and vulgar shot.
16) Exposure n.曝光,曝光時間 These two pictures were taken with different exposures.
17) Sinister adj.邪惡的,險惡的 There was a sinister smile on his face.
18) Threshold n.開始,開端 The sound was so loud it was on the threshold of pain.
19) Vigorous adj.強壯的,精力充沛的 The vigorous young plants grew fast.
20) Bondage n.奴役,束縛 He is in bondage to his ambition.


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