1) S way v.搖擺,擺動 The trees swayed in the wind.
2) Glorify v.美化,讚美 Your descriptions have glorified an average house into a mansion.
3) Chronological adj.按時閒順序排列的 We’ve found it less difficult to learn the chronological table of the Chinese dynasties in chronological order.
4) Manifest adj.明顯的,明白的 He is a manifest liar.
5) Suckle v.給……餵奶 The pagan suckled in a creed outworn.
6) Enchant v.使着迷,使陶醉 The football fans were enchanted by the wonderful goal.
7) Screw v.擰緊,旋緊 He screwed the mirror onto the wall.
8) Venom n.痛恨,怨恨 “You liar!” he said, with venom in voice.
9) Diffuse v.擴散,傳播 The teacher diffused learning to us.
10) Barbarous adj.野蠻的,殘暴的 She received the most barbarous treatment.
11) Embryo n.胚胎 The European Community was the embryo of the United States of Europe.
12) Insane adj.瘋狂的,精神失常的 He must be insane to drive his car so fast.
13) Misapprehension n.誤解,誤會 There’s no misapprehension about the problem.
14) Hovercraft n.氣墊船 These hovercraft can easily outpace most boats.
15) Wrinkle n.皺紋 Grandfather has many wrinkles on his face.
16) Dialect n.方言,土話 Cockney is a dialect of English.
17) Hush v.(使)安靜,寂靜 The crowd hushed, and she sang.
18) Detention n.監禁,滯留 He worked in a house of detention.
19) Sluggish adj.(經濟、商業等)不景氣的,清淡的 The economy remains sluggish.
20) Verdict n.裁決,裁定 The verdict was that the prisoner was guilty.
21) Patent n.專利,專利權 He held a number of patents for his many innovations.
22) Bluff v.虛張聲勢,嚇唬It’s queer that he managed to bluff his way through all the difficulties.
23) Exposition n.解釋,説明 That was a full exposition of his beliefs.
24) Suspense n.懸念,焦慮 We’re all waiting in suspense.
25) Withhold v.拒絕 Financial aid for Britain has been withheld.


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